Drafting Table

I love the drafting table that I rec'd last year for Xmas and I have been using it full time since I redid my work area.  It is the perfect height and angle adjusted  for what I like....  One of the problems was just about everything set on the table slid off....so I knew I had to come up with "something" that would stop this so that I could utilize the WHOLE table efficiently while I painted....  I tried a piece of the rubberized shelf paper and it worked great so I purchased the narrowest one and have it at the very top and down both sides.  As you can see it accommadates my paints, brushes, medium dish, paper towels, etc....  Sometimes you have to work with something to determine what it might need to make it more artist efficient....  The towel to the right is my dabble cloth which removes excess medium or paint from my brush and a dishtowel will last me about a month.  Most of them I pick up at either the dollar or thrift store and is used constantly...and I love paper plates for my palette....  These are things that work for me....so think if this might make things easier for you.

I clean my table with the Mr. Clean sponge and Awesome cleaner from the Dollar store....undiluted.  I let it set about 5 minutes after a good spray and it looks brand new.  This was the first cleaning....but it needed it and since I was making things efficient I needed to also make it "clean"....  My round barn is on the table in the "to do" stage on an 8" x 10" portrait grade hand wrapped canvas board..... 

Brush Hugs.

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