Traditions DecoArt Paint

I have fought these paints.... I tried them about 9 years ago when they had Jansens' name attached to them....and wasn't impressed.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a class on the AOL site which I felt would really be a challenge and teach me some techniques in a different way so I ordered the paints I needed for the class and today I had the time to play with them a bit.  

Emailed a friend of mine and told her I guessed I was going to have to eat crow.  (Preferably crispy with some Pepto Bismol on the side).....    They performed...oh yes, they performed.  With the brushes and the canvas pieces I use these paints just danced.... so I went online and ordered the palette of colors
I normally use that I hadn't ordered/needed with my first order for the class.  

These paints come in 3oz bottles, a light and dark primer, watercolor medium as well as the Extender.

My first painting with these paints is going to be of a sunflower on an 8 x 8 canvas.   I will use one of the photos of my sunflower for color and detail assistance.

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