Journey of Art's Life

For me, it seems as if every day is a journey.  Sometimes it will continue in the same path for several days and other days a different road is encountered and the landscape in my mind is different.  It is neat the way some things "stand out" and others just kinda blend in.   Sometimes the journey is my own and other times shared.  Somethings are planned and others are impromptu, but never the less it becomes MY journey...and differs from others.

These day to day life livings are full of emotion, color, shapes, temperature, etc.   These same elements are found in the art we create, in the artists' we seek out to add to our life, our inspiration, etc.  We search for what we need, we welcome the sharing of knowledge and technique.  We  learn from the experience and adapt it to our needs, desires, etc.

This photo has color, emotion, shape and temperature and makes an impression.  It may mean nothing to someone else but everything to me.

Confusion, turbulence, cold, warm, fear, calm, etc.  I love the many feelings a picture, a painting can
impose upon me and yet change on a daily basis based upon my frame of mind.  

Some art styles do "nothing" for me.  They are "just a painting".  Objects upon a canvas.  The ones that move me .... have to have emotion, mystery,  allow me to participate and to make it my own.  

Copyright 7-1 DP

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.