On Monday evening, one of my husbands friends left our home for his home, and sitting in his truck he committed suicide with a gun he had under the seat.

Needless to say we are both in a state of disbelief and anger that he felt this was his only choice.

He was an alcoholic, was having marital issues, was a mere 40 years old, and had recently had an argument with his father over his drinking also.  There were no apparent "signs" that this was even a it has hit me hard.  I know there was nothing either of us could have said or done to have made a difference as he was incoherently drunk when he left here to go home;  but it doesn't help the sadness that seems to envelope us and the lives of other friends who were close to him.  We are all doing our normal day to day chores, jobs, etc. but I know that we are all trying to make sense of what has happened.  So many different emotions...

A close friend sent me a quote: " Drunkedness is temporary suicide"  and in his case I really have to agree.  We have all watched the drinking increase....we have all tried to talk to him, etc. but there was just nothing that seemed to register ... or make a difference.

I am so angry with angry ...  BUT ...

                                                                        May he rest in peace.

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  1. God's peace to you for the sadness in your life just now. We are sorry for the tragic loss of your friend.

    Amber and Den



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