Most of the paintings I do are scenery and landscapes as well as designs from one of my photographs so I really needed to do some sketching.... something I VERY RARELY do, or have done.   I normally paint first and then do my sketch by tracing what I have painted.....

I wanted to start a journal so I am going to do some  much needed journal sketching to go outside of my box for 2012 and see what happens.    I have a small and large sketch book with black and white paper.  
They will probably end up a mix up of sketches, words, ideas, etc.  but that is OK....  I can justify the time being that it will be a great help to me as I paint, design jewelry, altered art etc.   Just good ole
Art Journals.

On Yahoo I have joined a group recommended by a friend where sketching prompts are provided.  This is my first which was "My Watch", and I was really surprised that it wasn't  as horrible as I had expected;  which makes me more willing to try the next prompt which is a kitchen jar, tin, or bottle.  

The scariest part was that first mark on the white paper....and the more I worked at it the more engrossed I became.  I know I DO need an kneadable eraser which is on my list for the next Michaels visit.

So surprise yourself.  Draw your watch.

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  1. fabulous job'll do well with EM, it will challenge you....they say a sketch a day helps train the eye to really see as opposed to what we think we see. Looking forward to keeping updated with you.



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.