Reflections in water excite me.  I love to see the differences in water that is still vs water that is moving slightly.   With reflections it doesn't make a difference where the sun is.....reflections and shadows are two entirely different things so the "rules of thumb"; so to speak,  are different.

You measure the length of an object with your index finger and thumb and this exact size is replicated in the water and the reflection size begins at the base of the object....If there is land between the item and the water, the reflection in the water will be shorter than the object on land.   If the object is leaning to the left on land it will lean the very same way in the water....  In many reflections you will see that the opposite happens in a reflection  On land the top of a mountain is lighter but when it reflects into the water the top of the mountain is darker because it is closer to you.

Observe reflections....see what they do in nature and make notes if you are unable to take a photo to illustrate what you want to paint.

In the bottom picture you can see that there is land between the bush and the  water so the reflection begins accordingly....not at the bank but further out into the water.  Notice that the bush is darker as it got closer to where I was standing to take the photo.  Also there are reflections from both banks...

In the top picture you cannot see the land reflected into the water because of where the photo is taken...and because we are further away we cannot see the land reflection.

Reflections are determined by where you are standing. atmosphere, whether the water is moving or still and where the object is on land.....if it is far enough back from shoreline it may not be reflected in the water.

If you have no photo to go by you must determine effects if you want to paint a "realism".

But who says that I can't paint my mountain orange if I want, or make a shadow longer than it should be?  When you are painting you are the artist, you make the determinations according to what you want ; to what pleases you.  If  you don't want to be precise....there is not a "LAW" that says "YOU MUST", and nothing will happen if you DON'T.  The most important thing is that your painting or piece of art is balanced and pleasing to the eye.....

I love impressionistic loose painting because it is my is what I is more natural to me with colors bouncing on each other....  It is my well as other impressionistic painters.....
I am not a rigid black and white person....I am middle of the road-er,  and tend to see things in muted tones and individualistic ways of life......

Choose your mentors wisely.......

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