Totally Handmade/Homemade/Handcrafted

My daughter and son in law created their own special gift for family members and friends this year and I just had to "show off" the creativeness.

The bottle of liquor was lemon vodka and mmmmm was it good.  We opened and enjoyed it Christmas Eve.   Michelle and Chris corked it, shrink wrapped the plastic seal and Michelle created the label.  "Houser's Lemony Libation" and Happy Holidays 2011 was on the label along with the ingredients.    She then made  bottle stoppers for everyone with her handmade lamp work beads.  I wish the photo showed how vibrant the bead colors were.   What a neat idea.   (Craft beer and liquor is just one of the "big" things here in Bend.) 

She really had some "special" gifts this year also making handmade pictorial memorial Christmas tree ornaments using her lamp work beads.  How neat to include those who have passed in a pleasant way by including them in the festivities.  

It was a great holiday and I really hate to go to bed tonight and know that tomorrow I have to wake up to a normal day.

I hope everyones' holiday was special.

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