Faux Squirrel Reservoir Liner Brushes by Dynasty

I just received my Reservoir Liner brushes yesterday.  They are a new brush by Dynasty
and right now the only "source" for the brushes are through http://www.tracymoreau.com out of Canada.  The faux squirrel brushes are a new line and as far as I am concerned for daily painting they are FANTASTIC and I am hooked..
big time....  With these and my landscape brushes (also from Dynasty) and some of the Micron Mini brushes, the IPC2 line, and a bristle or two, I have a well diversified scope of top of the line, performing brushes.  Performance is the key word here.

These reservoir brushes are for "standing to paint" and if you are a sitter painter it will take a while for these brushes to do what you want as you have to be able to move your whole arm and are stupendous for those fine grasses in landscape painting that can be such a pain to obtain.  

The fat area down by the ferrel act as a reservoir like an ink pen so you really get a good full load of paint...just the very end of the brush needs to touch the surface, and
you need to tip your brush slightly forward so that your paint can run from the ferrel to the brush tip... so the secret to these brushes is STAND away from your painting, and TIP YOUR BRUSH SLIGHTLY FORWARD, and move your arm as you paint your grasses.  I am so EXCITED about these brushes and they come in 3 sizes.  2, 4 and 6.  PERFECT sizes, PERFECT brushes. 

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