CD Charms

Junes charms for our bracelets were simply (ha, ha, ha) to make them out of a CD....fragmented charms.  Hey, we are really going out of "my" box here... 

So anyway...mine are "simple".  They are crackled, cut into puzzle shapes, and I added a purple Swarovski crystal to each one which I wire wrapped and added to a jump ring.   

I had no blank cd so I used a DVD CD that I had.  When I heated it to make it a bit easier to cut I ended up with a top and a bottom....weird..
so I cut both as both pretty....the top part just had fragments of the reflective finish on a pearly white background.

The photo of the 3 is showing back, and front of the bottom of the CD and just the reflective side of the top white portion.  

I didn't think I was going to like these a bit and was afraid they would look "crafty" instead of "artsy"....but "me thinks me like them"
I am anxious to see what everyone else comes up with.  SOoooo mine are ready to go as soon as our AFTCM leader gives us our partners name.

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