Landscape Design

This is going to be fun.........LOL. I have just finished blocking in a landscape design....I did the sky completely except for the fog/mist. I used Midnight Blue, Black Plum, Titanium White and Soft Black for the blocking in process.....NOW comes the FUN part. CREATING the design. I love looking at a design from someone else, or a photo and then create my own color palette based on the underlying colors I see. When doing a landscape I hardly ever do a pattern...I just lightly sketch in with vine charcoal so I get proportions correct and many times I just use the acrylic paints as the blocking in..... Now to find the time to finish it. The surface is a good sized MDF plaque that I purchased ions ago. I have several of them so need to do them all up.

When finished this is going to be a winter mountain scene, river, rocks, everygreen trees, and waterfall. I feel really good about this piece and I am therefor anxious to get back down in my room and work on it. I can almost "see" the force of the river already....can you?

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.