Just for the Heck of It

Sometimes I like to do things just because....and this was one of those times.
My kitchen is very roostery....so thought this would be cute to hang in one of the french door panes going out onto the side deck.
I want to do some pieces similar to this one where there are "do dads" hanging so thought I would practice with mine....I have seed beads on a head pin, 2 red and 1 yellow, some red dynamites on a head pin and then two Tierra Cast charms ; a floral and a heart.... To hang I used a piece of hubby's fishing tackle line and I will adhere a small suction cup to the window. The surface is a ceramic oval which came predrilled. I have another one done that is blue sky background with a birch or aspen tree trunk and I will use Swarovski crystals and who knows what else on that one.
It was fun.....and that is what art is about....don't you think? And now I have a cute rooster eye to watch over me as I do my wifey little kitchen chores.

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  1. That is a very unique piece! Your creativity is inspirational. I enjoyed watching the crackling video clips and continue to enjoy learning from your blog. Thanks for taking time to do this!



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