Yvonne Kresal was a design artist that I learned by when taking classes at a local Tole Shop.
My teacher loved Yvonnes' designs so as a result we painted and learned a lot from this design artist. Barb was a great teacher so it was a "double win/win" for all of the students. Many of Yvonnes designs were winter so as a result I felt an immediate desire to learn her techniques for snow, trees, ets. I have all of her books, and her designs are relaxing to paint and a delight to finish and enjoy. Yvonne was an inspiration and mentor to me during my early years of learning.
The first time I "entered" anything was our local small town fair, doing a mixture of Yvonne Kresals design elements put together on a saw blade. And the blue ribbon first place was exciting.... faded with time it hangs in my studio with pride. (Photos are shown above)
There is much to be learned studying this delightful artists designs. All of the surfaces I painted using her designs are still hung in my home and enjoyed with fond memories.
SEE YVONNES LATEST DESIGN IN THE NOVEMBER/DECEMBER issue of PAINTING magazine on sale NOW...... A delightful candle box.... My box will be ordered soon and I can hardly wait to paint with Yvonne again.

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  1. What a fun design to put on the hand saw. I've painted several saws...deer family silhouettes sell very well for me and Deb Toews' winter designs as well. But getting the hand saws ready to paint takes a lot of "elbow grease". Thanks again for sharing. I'll have to find a Kresal book on ebay! Greg



Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.