Mushrooms. Interesting. The first I have ever seen on our property since we have lived here, and they
seem to have "appeared" within just a couple of days.

I enjoy finding mushrooms and living so close to "rainy areas" there are a lot to be seen. So much so that one of the classes offered for the community is
in mushroom identification I and II. It is a class I have been wanting to take and just never have.

Tonight my step-son sent me a photo of mushrooms which have mysteriously appeared in his yard, 3000 miles away. They are identical....except he has a black toadstool one amongst his like these.

I can see that around this "mound" of mine are several more which will be popping through probably as I sleep tonight.

Eventually my husband will have to mow this area so I have asked him to please wear a face mask when he does so as the powder that errupts which is black, will not be inhaled as he breathes. I am sure it cannot be "a good thing" and have asked my stepson to do the same thing.

Mushrooms grow and love to "hide". There are some waterfalls that are near us that are absolutely gorgeous and many go there about this time of the year for the many different types
of mushrooms which grow in the area. I went 2 years ago and when a snake reared it's little head when I moved some grass I made up my mind, mushrooms are NOT that interesting.

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