Worry Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago I attended an art festival. There was a gentleman there who created a number of different items made with porcelain. He called these his worry beads. I fell in love with them. Each one of the beads that I purchased is different.

The burnt sienna colored wooden rectangular round beads were made by my Son in Law (Manzanita wood) and I felt worked perfectly with the worry bead. Some of the beads I have used are vintage and there are several different handmade lampwork beads made by a friend of mine in the state of Washington.
I use Tierra Cast spacers, clasps, and bead caps which are culinary grade pewter that is silver coated and the finest quality.
The eyes appear to have been pricked into the porcelain so they give a real 3 dimensional look to the piece. The faces could easily pass for Primitive Santas.; don't you think????
This bracelet was to be for me but it is just a tad too big so it will go on Etsy and I will make another for myself. This was my first one and I have many more "worry beads" to create into jewelry pieces. YEA....

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