Faux Stained Glass (Gallery Glass)

I love working with Gallery Glass and the above are sunflowers which I did on the mylar type sheets, peeled off and adhered to my window. I had the design on my sliding doors from the kitchen to the porch so no one would accidentally walk into the glass but now that I have French doors installed I peeled the design off very carefully (after 5 years of it being on the door) and transferred it to my kitchen windown over my sink. It is so bright and cheerful, not to mention pretty that I had to find another place for it.

Gallery Glass is made by Plaid and is the only glass paint that I have ever tried to use. For me it provides the results I want for the glass surfaces that I use. I just purchased a one paned vintage window which I am going to use to do a piece to hang from my porch. I am anxious to find a design I like, get it leaded, painted and "up" to enjoy.

It takes a little bit of practice, a steady hand for leading, and a lot of little learned tricks to turn glass into some beautiful faux stained glass pieces but well worth the effort.

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  1. I love your sunflowers on the glass. Very pretty.



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