April Showers / Art

Our weather this month has been up and down in temperature, sunny days switching to overcast and cloudy, rain, wind and spring cleanup. I am ready for spring. I have daffodils that are ready to "pop". My peony bush with bright red/black foliage is coming up and the many iris I planted last fall are through and that is exciting to see.
(Photo is of the Peony Fairy I captured in my garden after last years summer rain. (Untouched) I hope she returns again this year. You can bet I will be looking for her).

It seems as if my "art" this month has been much the same as the weather. I seem to be hopping from one thing to another. From painting, to faux stained glass, to encaustic, asian art for some upcoming swaps, and tonight I am going to be making some anklets and a 2 strand crystal bracelet.

On their way soon are a pair of white tennis shoes I am "altering" for the (MOG) Mother of the Groom to be done for her sons' wedding in September. A commissioned piece from an Etsy viewer. These are going to be a "hoot".......

In the next issue of Decorative Painter (summer issue) I have a design ..... this is a BIG excitement for me and something that came as a total surprise. It has been a great experience working with Jake Euker getting the instructions to meet the high standards of the magazine...and I am excited to receive and see the issue. At the end of the year I have a design in Painting (Winter Necklace) and another design in the same magazine the first of 2011 which is a Trash to Treasure...one of my favorites to transform.

Waiting in the "line up" downstairs is a table I purchased at a garage sale which is going to be going in my kitchen. The top has been painted black and I am debating between doing geranims or a rooster.........and just may end up doing both.....

BORED? Never. And when I hear someone say they ARE, I just can't understand why except that it has to be "their choice". I cannot remember one time in my life that I felt boredom.... Life is full, life is fun...........

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