ARTISTIC LICENSE...........Definition

Today in an artistic forum newsletter that I get the following definition was provided. I found it
quite interesting as about a year ago a "fellow artist" found it in her heart to tear apart one of my published designs on her blog. How did I know it was one of my designs? She very kindly identified me by name, the magazine, month of issue and design/page.

This artistic license pretty much describes how I feel about how I paint and why. Sometimes
people become too wrapped up in "educated learning", history, etc. as is stated below and loose
some of the "fun" that can be had in individuality and freedom rather than structure and photographic art....... or just plain "ARTISTIC LICENSE".

"Quite simply, artistic license is doing whatever you wish in a painting, without regard to artistic conventions, art critics, art theory, art history or what reality looks like. Artistic license is when you, for example, leave out things in a landscape painting if you don't want it there or move a tree to another position. when you use bright greens or purples in a portrait painting rather than skin tones. When you eliminate detail and create abstractions; when you invent, imagine, and elaborate. Artistic license is painting however and whatever you desire, simply because you want it that way". But my thanks go out anyway to Sharon Teal Coray for her critic and delightful emails, and also to her friends....Sue H. Linda O. Robyne R. and several others who identify themselves immediately as "Born Again Christians"...... Their emails have had the opposite of desired effects......

Attached within the newsletter was an Artistic License Diploma which I filled in, printed out and have it hanging on the wall in my studio to remind myself that it is OK to paint my way despite what anyone has to say, or imply.

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