Small Easel and Sky

I am really enjoying the smaller canvases but my big easel just
wasn't "working". Then I discovered this recipe box/holder in my stash and it works like a "charm". Something made for something entirely else working in our little painting world is
"a good thing", don't you think? I drape a paper towel over the front of the piece (which at this time is just the raw pine surface)
and paint away.
I have taken a picture of the canvas I am working on with the
sky portion completed...I am delighted with the way it has turned out and the sad part? Not a lot will be "showing" because of the design in the foreground (yet to be done) so this photo will help as a guide for a landscape design in the future. The sky shows how my little easel works.... I will be offering some pattern packets soon that will provide some instructions on how to do some easy "but special" "things" so stay tuned.
AND....the sky was painted on the fine art canvas board that I love which are handmade, tube acrylics, and a plain ole' angle brush (Black Gold brand) doing slip slap strokes.
So if you are hooked on "smaller" look for the surface, grab an angle and "do it" too.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.