My Favorite Brushes.....

I have brushes which are my ultimate favorites and they consist of several manufacturers or artist specialty brushes. Starting at the far left from left to right. All of the brushes are by FM Dynasty/Black Gold. Round, Dagger, Feather Edge Flat, Flat Shader, Oval Wash White Tip, and Dry Brush.

Middle Photo Photo left to right:
Dauber by: Nancy Kinney (artist) , Mop by: Maxine Thomas (artist), Rake/Comb by: Royal Aqualon, Stipplers by: Debbie Mitchell, Supreme Script by: Scharff ( AKA Pregnant Liner
Right Photo Photo left to right
All of the Photos are FM Black Gold:
Filbert Wave, Angle Wave, Angle, Flat, Micron Pointed Flat, Micron Liner, and the 3 last brushes are the ** Eye of the Tiger Line.
**I love the Eye of the Tiger line for painting on Ceramics and a great inexpensive HIGH quality
line of brushes for beginners.
I CANNOT BELIEVE that I did not take a picture of my ultimate TOP favorite brush which is also by RM Dynasty and it is the Foliage Wave brushes. I could not paint a good landscape/scenery with out this brush and I use all of the sizes.
All of the brushes I have listed come in different sizes. I recommend that you buy every other size or if you paint small the smaller sizes, if you paint large the larger sizes. Once again it depends on YOU the artist but these are the brushes I have found to be the best for me.
I paint small and I am a panty folder....

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