Background Foliage Photo/Steps 1 and 2

This background foliage was done using the FM Dynasty Wave Foliage Brush that I have
provided information on in my previous blog. It is in the Decorator Line of Dynasty Brushes
and is Series 100.
Photo to the left is the first layer of foliage background. Vary the height of the trees. I paint
holding the brush ABOVE the middle towards the top of the brush and I tip my hand slightly
forward to tap in the tree line just with the tips of the bristles. Once the very top is in I come down a bit lower and begin tapping additional tree lines. I use a green, my sky color and white. I want these trees to appear very distant so I want them to blend in with the sky to a degree.
The 2nd stage of our background foliage (photo to the left) is done adding a darker shade of green to my dirty brush. I have the tops of the tree line different than the first layers and at
the top I progress downward towards the horizon line you want the color denser
and less airy. You should be seeing the start of NO background color coming through your green application.
Working darker as you come forward will provide depth to your painting. Dirty brush mixes
give a variety of greens which is what you see in nature.

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Freezing fog on a pine tree bough.