Brenda Harris Mediums

I have been using Brenda Harris' mediums for about 3 years and every week I find some way
different to use them to make what I want to achieve a tad bit quicker/easier.

There are 3 products.
White Blend
Clear Blend
Slow Blend

The Slow Blend acts much like a retarder of sorts and the open time can be as long as an hour. It is to be used for FINAL layers and details. The Slow Blend can be reactivated with a damp brush. I use this medium a lot, and in different ways. It is a fun medium to "play with".

White Blend is a Titanium White pigmented medium. It is slow drying and will change the value of colors. I love to use this instead of white when I am painting skies, water, etc.

The Clear Blend does not change the color value of your paint and is used for transitioning colors, softer edges etc. The medium can be added to the paints or by you wet on wet blending. If desired you can thin with water. Also works beautifully for glazes and washes. It
provides slower drying but does not have the increased open time that is found with the Slow Blend. This can be used when additional layers are to be done/added.

According to Brenda these mediums are compatible with all acrylics. I have used them with DecoArt, Matisse and Liquitex with no problems. I have a few Jo Sonja paints that I got in a starter kit so one day soon, I will see how the mediums work with this.

Brenda uses a sea sponge for a lot of her work....and her results are really quick and beautiful.
There are times when I use small pieces of a sea sponge instead of a scumbler/dry brush if there is a specific "look" I want or am having difficulty with a brush but I use brushes for the majority of what I do. I guess I am "sponge challenged"....LOL... However; sponging may be just what YOU are looking for...

If you want to see some of Brenda's work or order some of her mediums, see her pattern packets, videos, and read more about her go to"

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